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Hidden Your WordScripture memory has always been an important discipline in my life. I want the word of Christ to dwell in me richly (Colossians 3:16). Dwell, not visit occasionally. I want Scripture to have a permanent place in my heart!

While in Tentmakers training the summer of 1986, I heard a presentation on Scripture memory from Cary Humphries, vice-president of Cargill. He handed us an ABC list and challenged us to memorize all 26 verses. If we did, he would send us a Thompson Chain Reference Bible. I took him up on that challenge, and now, over 20 years later, I still have that Bible.

I love that ABC approach to memorizing Scripture because we all know the alphabet. As I associate a letter with a topic and the corresponding Bible verse, I don’t have to carry memory cards with me; I just go through the ABCs.  Inspired by Mr. Humphries’ passion for and approach to Scripture memory, I put together several ABC lists with the help of my brother-in-law and brother-in-Christ, Jeff Rankin. Help yourself to the lists.

The truth of His Word written upon our hearts and minds will help us grow in our knowledge of God and strengthen our relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.  With a greater understanding of Scripture we are able to discern right from wrong, encourage others with truth, and be more victorious in our daily Christian walk.

Onward to maturity in Christ,

Pastor Mark Opseth

While there is no quick-n-easy method to suddenly get us started on the road to biblical literacy, there is one particular discipline (more than any other) that will get us on the right track.  When I began to get serious about spiritual things, it was this discipline that helped me the most: memorizing Scripture.

Growing spiritually by becoming biblically literate will not ‘just happen’ any more than a flat tire will automatically repair itself.  It will call for extra effort!

Charles Swindoll

from Active Spirituality

Scripture Memory Tips:

  • Always connect the letter of the alphabet to the key word and the key word to the Bible verse.  This will make it easier to recite your memory verses wherever you are – on a walk or in the car – by simply going through the alphabet.
  • Memorize each Bible verse verbatim.  This makes memorization much quicker and easier.
  • Be sure to memorize the reference for each Bible verse. It’s a good habit to say the reference before and after you recite the verse.
  • While you are memorizing, meditate on the verse and allow the Holy Spirit to help you grasp the depths of its meaning.
  • Once you have a verse memorized, continue to review it to ensure that it is etched in your mind.
  • Don’t just stick with ABC lists, challenge yourself to memorize whole chapters or entire books of the Bible. Hide His Word in your heart!

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